Today ValColbert launched a new, modern Circle of Life line and you can register here for your chance to win a necklace and matching bracelet. One piece is for you and one for your bestie, as an updated friendship statement.

The Circle of Life pendant circle is made of a beautiful hammered sterling silver with a brushed gold Vermeil that hangs on a sterling silver chain. The circle can actually be spun, holding true to the cyclical movement of your life.

Because there is only one winner, we are offering a 10% promo code when you enter to win so you can treat yourself to our new line. Fill out the form below and you will get the code in seconds!

About the Circle of Life  

The circle of life is the flow of processes that every living thing passes through from birth to death. It is called the circle of life since death is not considered the end of life but the beginning of another either through incarnation, recreation or any other process that brings forth new life. The major stages of the circle are; birth, growth, survival, maturity and death.

The Circle of Life can be defined as nature's way of taking and giving back life to the earth. It symbolizes the universe being sacred and divine. It represents the infinite nature of energy, meaning if something dies it gives new life to another.

Our new necklace design is a modern depiction of “The Circle of Life.” It symbolizes the constant movement of our life. Sometimes going forward and sometimes back,it reminds us of the path we chose to take and where it takes us. In many cultures it signifies hope and luck. To us it means that our time here is precious, and that we realize life has it seasons. We must cherish each season as the circle moves forward. When you wear our jewelry we hope it reminds you to be aware of the circle of life and how you chose to live it.

You can experience all of our timeless pieces by visiting the ValColbert website or our Etsy store with Etsy exclusive items!

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